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DJNS: Episode 170

Originally broadcast June 24, 2008. DJNewStyle, who is upset that George Carlin has died, teams up with Germfreak to churn out another broadcast before a week off. We talk about life, death, robotussin, and the retarded martial arts. Listen in to enjoy calls from a variety of friends including FoundryMusic Jeff and Crazed.

A brief rundown of a few highlights:

  • George Carlin, dead at 71.
  • VAMessenger isn’t fond of Crazed.
  • Robotripping: Raphael from CT and PristineSneakers.
  • DJRob checks in, angers PristineSneakers.
  • Yelling, technical difficulties, Germfreak’s dilemmas.

Download: Episode: 170 (6-24-2008) | Watch Episode 170

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